What Is Music?

Do a simple internet search to find the answer to this question, “What is music?”, and you will discover there are multitudes of opinions as to what constitutes music. Some opinions are so esoteric as to be laughable. Other definitions are so flowery that the reader ends up having no idea whatsoever what they just read. However, I think all would agree music consists of sound. I also think most people would recognize music contains organized sounds of some sort, as opposed to random, non-packaged noises.

How much of music is art or science is immaterial, I think, because for our purposes, the function of music is to communicate. Organized sounds have the capability to intrinsically deliver a message to the listener. Whether it is a simple beat pattern that causes us to tap our foot, or a complex classical symphony that stimulates us emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, music creates a response of some type in the listener which is discernibly different from the response induced by hearing random noise.

So, Mr. Noteman believes music can be defined as: a pattern of sound organized to communicate on a physical, emotional, intellectual and/or spiritual level.

Because music is such an incredible tool of communication, it is desirable for us to become students of it’s forms, and learn to master the basic skills of music, so we might be able to better discern it’s messages, and be able to communicate to others through this medium.

Even small children can learn to communicate to others through the manipulation of sound.

And this is what Mr. Noteman is all about.

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