The Manifesto

Mr. Noteman believes the following:

1. Music can be defined as: a pattern of sound organized to communicate on a physical, emotional, intellectual and/or spiritual level. More…

2. EVERY child can learn to connect with God, himself and others through music. More…

3. Children have an innate understanding of how music communicates (by reflecting physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual realities), can readily express those ideas verbally, and can create music expression that communicates their thoughts and feelings. More…

4. Children who master the elements of music theory and the vocabulary of music early are much better prepared for a lifetime of musical expression and learning, just as those who develop language skills are better prepared for a lifetime of learning.Mr. Noteman

5. Music education that does not arouse intense curiosity and imagination in a child will ultimately be detrimental to that child’s innate love of learning.

6. The deepest kinds of music learning occur through multiple forms of experience with the subject. Music training is most deeply internalized when:

  • Multiple senses (hear, see, touch, smell, taste) are involved in the experience
  • Multiple opportunities for failure are ultimately overcome — the more the student struggles to learn the concept, the deeper his final understanding
  • Multiple components of comparison and contrast to known truths takes place

7. Children enjoy hearing and creating unique or unusual sounds, and are naturally curious about how different musical instruments work.

8. The successful music teacher will understand, capitalize on, and encourage the positive characteristics of children. Kids are, among other things: wide-eyed, curious, impressionable, full of life, full of energy, interested, absorbent, open, unbridled, fascinated, inquisitive, optimistic, excited, insatiable, imaginative, trusting, and eager.

9. Children learn to read and perform music by READING and PERFORMING music!

10. The formula for musical success: Excellence X Passion = Transcendence

(knowledge, technical skills, personal discipline)
(the heart, the imagination, expressive communication)
Transcendent Musical Experience
(moves the heart of the listener, creates life/attitude change)

11. Because small children do not think long-term, immediate feedback and accountability is paramount to maintaining a positive, loving, stable environment. Instant rewards will produce accelerated results.

12. We believe that learning to sing expressively, musically, and on pitch is paramount and foundational to performing musically in ALL forms of musical expression, including piano or instrument playing.


  1. Louise says:

    Hi I came across your site, and was wondering If you sell the music notes the kids are holding on your home page?
    I’m looking for:
    Treble Clef
    Whole note
    Half note
    Quarter note

    To start. I would like to use these in my music class. I would need about 8 of each.
    Can you please get back to me?
    Thank you!
    Louise B

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