Snowlfege 1I have been designing a small Mr. Noteman bean bag to use in my music education classes. I finished my latest model last night, so first thing this morning, I showed him to my children, and let them play with him.

As I walked through the living room a little bit later, my nine-year-old son was holding Mr. Noteman by the front window. We are in the middle of a snowstorm here in northern Illinois, and apparently my son was letting Mr. Noteman look out the window.Snowlfege 2

He declared, “Mr. Noteman really likes this kind of weather.” I thought that was kind of cute, but then, I started laughing loudly when he began to sing, “Do, re, mi, fa, snow, la, ti, do!”

Needless to say, my son was rather pleased with himself for his little funny.Snowlfege 3

Is anyone interested in either a Mr. Noteman bean bag, or the pattern to make your own?

I am considering holding a coloring contest with a Mr. Noteman bean bag as the prize.

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