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Resonator Bell Stairs

I made this set of resonator bell stairs out of some scrap wood I had in the garage. Looks like the Noteman Babies have made themselves at home!

This little tool is useful for training to recognize notes going “higher” and “lower.” I use it when doing solfege and singing-by-number exercises.

Resonator Bell Steps 2

A simple wooden platform to elevate a scale’s worth of resonator bells

Resonator Bell Steps

Looks like the Noteman Babies like to sing along!

Sight Singing Exercises

Teaching choir members to read music on sight is one of the most important tasks a music teacher can fulfill. Here are 9 weeks worth of exercises I have developed for use with my choirs.


9 Weeks of Sight Singing Exercises

The 10 Song Challenge

Today is the first day of November. Last month, I took up the challenge of writing 10 songs before the end of the year. Here’s what we have so far:

1. When God Looks at Me

2. The Scarlet Thread

3. What Is Christmas

4. Till We Get Home