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Learn to Play the Piano E-Book

Here is another module created for the Mr. Noteman Music Is for Kids workshop. This one is for teaching small kids the basics of piano playing.

Learn to Play the Piano

Free e-book!

Piano ebook

Music Practice Report Chart

At our house, we are starting instrument lessons. Here is our new Mr. Noteman music practice report chart.

Practice Report – PDF File Practice Report

Noteman Babies

Noteman Babies

I introduced the whole family of Noteman Babies to my music students this week. Within about 10 minutes, the children could identify them by name and sing their note.

The red one is Baby Do, orange is Baby Re, yellow is Baby Mi, green is Baby Fa, blue is Baby So, purple is Baby La, and pink is Baby Ti.

We played several fun games with the Noteman Babies and had a grand time. The children all did an excellent job of identifying them and singing on pitch.

Here are some colored solfege cards I made to help teach the colors to the children.Colored Solfege

Candida Tobin Got It!


Now, here’s a lady who knows how to teach music to small children! You’ve got to watch this video. Notice her use of rhythm manipulatives as well.


Tobin Music

Candida Tobin introduces harmony

Here’s the story about how I happened to discover this video. In my last couple of posts, I introduced the Noteman Babies. My plan is to make them in 7 different colors and correlate them to the 7 pitches in the musical scale. Boomwhackers use this method, for example. I can think of tons of music learning games that could make use of these cool music education toys. (By the way, I introduced the Noteman Babies to my elementary music classes this week, and the kids really loved them!) I discovered that my music notation software, MuseScore, has the ability to print colored note heads, corresponding to the Boomwhacker colors. During the process of learning about all of this, I found a reference to a guitar teacher who used the Candida Tobin method, so I had to find out more.

I love her approach, but would probably go with the closer-to-a-standard colors of the Boomwhackers.

If you like this, you’ve got to go here to download another video about her system:

Highly recommended!

Mr. Noteman Pillow Box

Here’s something new — a Mr. Noteman pillow box!Mr. Noteman Pillow Box

Perfect for containing small musical items like kazoos or manipulatives, and interesting to look at. It can be printed out on a letter size piece of card stock.

Check it out!

Mr Noteman Pillow Box

Music Manipulatives

Music ManipulativesThere are some incredibly inventive music teachers out there, who really understand kids! Here are links to some of their really terrific resources for teaching music to kids.

Teachers like these will really make a difference in the lives of kids.

More music manipulatives!


If you are interested in learning more about the importance of using hands-on resources like these, you really need to check out the following materials describing the Fletcher Music Method.

Also, you really need to check out Candida Tobin’s teaching methods. She really understood how children think, and her methods were incredible!

Homeschool Music Curriculum & Resources

I have compiled a list of music education resources that are currently available to homeschool families.

It makes for an interesting search. The homeschool market is certainly not over saturated with interesting, high quality music education products. The offering of the larger publishers would probably be more suited to large classrooms than to individual homeschool students.

Here is a list of web sites that offer music education resources to home educators:

Music Curriculum

Piano Courses

Violin Courses

Guitar Courses

Other Interesting Sites

If you are aware of any other homeschool music resources that I have not listed here, I would love to know about them.