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Song for Unicycle and Ukulele

OK, so an online mentor of mine jokingly said maybe I should go around riding a unicycle playing a ukulele. Ha! Little does he know I DO ride a unicycle and can play the ukulele. I never thought about combining the two.

Till now.

Presenting, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as you’ve never seen it before:

Name-A-Note Music Playing Card Game

My latest project, music note playing cards, is now available. I call it the Name-A-Note game.

card stack



Name-A-Note is a fun music card game using all the music notes in bass and treble clef.

name-a-note cardAll As card zmr noteman card

The Name-A-Note card game, featuring Mr. Noteman the music note puppet, is a fun educational game for learning the names of music notes on the music staff. This set of cards contains all 52 notes encompassing the range of a standard piano, also including some overlapping notes on ledger lines between the treble and bass clef staff lines. There are a total of 79 cards.

Click on the picture below to read the rules of the game. A listing of all the note cards is also included.

Name-A-Note RulesName-A-Note Game Documentation


Aren’t They Cute?


Baby Noteman trio

Here’s a trio of Baby Noteman bean bags, singing a happy song just for you.

Written music for this song can be found here.



Snowlfege 1I have been designing a small Mr. Noteman bean bag to use in my music education classes. I finished my latest model last night, so first thing this morning, I showed him to my children, and let them play with him.

As I walked through the living room a little bit later, my nine-year-old son was holding Mr. Noteman by the front window. We are in the middle of a snowstorm here in northern Illinois, and apparently my son was letting Mr. Noteman look out the window.Snowlfege 2

He declared, “Mr. Noteman really likes this kind of weather.” I thought that was kind of cute, but then, I started laughing loudly when he began to sing, “Do, re, mi, fa, snow, la, ti, do!”

Needless to say, my son was rather pleased with himself for his little funny.Snowlfege 3

Is anyone interested in either a Mr. Noteman bean bag, or the pattern to make your own?

I am considering holding a coloring contest with a Mr. Noteman bean bag as the prize.

Mr. Noteman Finger Puppet


My wife and I dropped by the fabric store this evening and I was able to pick up some red and black craft foam, as well as some sticky-back eyes. A few snips after arriving back home, the new Mr. Noteman Finger Puppet was born. Don’t you wish you had one?

Make your own with this incredible, handy dandy pattern with directions!

Finger Puppet PatternFree Mr. Noteman Finger Puppet Pattern

Interview with Mr. Noteman

I had an interesting conversation with Mr. Noteman today. Click on the play button below to listen in for an introduction to Mr. Noteman and his family of notes.

Half note eye glasses

Uncle Curtis

Mr. Noteman

Mr. Noteman








Mr. Noteman Puppet Character Sketch

Hmm, so who exactly is this Mr. Noteman, anyhow?

Age: Young adult, early 20s.

Gender: Male

Personality Profile: High C/Melancholy (Intelligent, Curious, Thinker), I/Sanguine (People person, Flamboyant) – C/S/I pattern.

Voice: Medium pitch, faux English accent, sophisticated, yet kind.


  • Fast 3-Wheeled cars (his car is called the Triad)
  • Fast notes
  • Musical instruments that play fast (piccolo, trumpet, piano, banjo)
  • Concert orchestras
  • Bible stories about music (David playing for Saul, Paul and Silas, Jehoshaphat’s choir, etc.)
  • Singing
  • Teaching (makes him happy!)
  • All music instruments, including homemade ones!

Listens to: Patch the Pirate CD’s, Bible Songs for Kids

Favorite Foods: Tune-a Fish, Drumsticks, Hummmus, Hi-C

Favorite Composer: Bach, the church musician

Pet: Dot – sometimes follows him around, makes him go a bit slower; name: “Mm”


  • Things that move slow (“Don’t be pokey, keep things moving quickly!”)
  • Boring things (“Learning is ALWAYS interesting”)
  • Uncalled for silliness (“Music is serious business!”)

Wears: Red when casual, all black when dressing up for a concert.

Lives In: Staff House


  • Grandpa/Grandma Whole Note
  • Uncle/Aunt Half Note
  • Dad/Mom Quarter Note
  • Twin Brother Eighth Note (when they appear together in concert, they put their flags on each others shoulders)
  • Little Sister Sixteenth Note (she’s a bit annoying because she runs around faster than he does!).

Friends: Mrs. (G) Treble Clef, Mr. (F) Bass Clef, Sharp, Flat, Natural

Instruments: Plays the kazoo, harmonica and bugle (because he has no arms, hands or fingers)

Favorite Word: Vivace! (Italian tempo word meaning lively and fast)

Other Notes (pun intended):

  • When he goes to a concert, he always sits on a music stand
  • His flag makes him go fast
  • He loves kids
  • He sometimes gets annoyed with “Uncle Curtis” because he does silly things, like juggle, ride unicycles, balance things, tells bad elephant jokes.

Mr. Noteman Standup

I had the band saw out this weekend, and just for fun, I made a Mr. Noteman standup thingy, good for displaying on your desk or on a shelf.

I have a download with instructions for making your own here:

Mr. Noteman Wood Standup – Picture and Instructions

Mr. Noteman Paper Standup – Color Your Own!

Be sure to send us a picture if you make your own!