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Mr. Noteman Standup

I had the band saw out this weekend, and just for fun, I made a Mr. Noteman standup thingy, good for displaying on your desk or on a shelf.

I have a download with instructions for making your own here:

Mr. Noteman Wood Standup – Picture and Instructions

Mr. Noteman Paper Standup – Color Your Own!

Be sure to send us a picture if you make your own!

Mr. Noteman Coloring Book, Ver. 1

Mr. Noteman, by Eugene Hollembeak

I have been developing a music workbook/coloring book to go along with the 4 week music theory workshop for kids. I think it is turning out great! I was able to talk my dad into helping with the artwork for it — he’s really good at whipping up cartoonish figures based on different shapes.

Here’s the file for you to download and print out:

Mr Noteman Coloring Book