Learn to Play the Piano E-Book

Here is another module created for the Mr. Noteman Music Is for Kids workshop. This one is for teaching small kids the basics of piano playing.

Learn to Play the Piano

Free e-book!

Piano ebook

Song for Unicycle and Ukulele

OK, so an online mentor of mine jokingly said maybe I should go around riding a unicycle playing a ukulele. Ha! Little does he know I DO ride a unicycle and can play the ukulele. I never thought about combining the two.

Till now.

Presenting, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as you’ve never seen it before:

Music Verse Posters

For my music classroom this year, I made a set of 3 posters.

Psalm 13-6 version 2

Psalm 13:6

Psalm 118-14 version 2

Psalm 118:14

Zephaniah 3-17 version 2

Zephaniah 3:17

I had them printed at the local Walmart photo department as 8″X20″ posters. They look great!

Resonator Bell Stairs

I made this set of resonator bell stairs out of some scrap wood I had in the garage. Looks like the Noteman Babies have made themselves at home!

This little tool is useful for training to recognize notes going “higher” and “lower.” I use it when doing solfege and singing-by-number exercises.

Resonator Bell Steps 2

A simple wooden platform to elevate a scale’s worth of resonator bells

Resonator Bell Steps

Looks like the Noteman Babies like to sing along!

Ukulele e-Book for Beginners

The ukulele is a fun little instrument to pick up and play, and is suitable for students of all ages and sizes. This e-book teaches kids to play using colored notes, and starts off with simple 1 chord songs before moving on to 2 chord songs and 3 chord songs.

We use colored dots on the fingerboard - easy to read for even small kids!

We use colored dots on the fingerboard – easy to read for even small kids!

1 Chord Songs:

  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  • Are You Sleeping?
  • Ring Around the Rosies
  • Praise the Lord
  • The Farmer in the Dell

2 Chord Songs:

  • Go Tell Aunt Rhody
  • London Bridge is Falling Down
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb
  • Clementine
  • Skip to My Lou
  • The Wheels on the Bus
  • Do Your Ears Hang Low
  • How Much Is That Doggy in the Window
  • Itsy, Bitsy Spider
  • It’s Raining, It’s Pouring
  • Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
  • My Country, ‘Tis of Thee

3 Chord Songs:

  • God Is So Good!
  • Jesus Loves Me
  • If You’re Happy and You Know It
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • This Little Light of Mine
  • Amazing Grace
  • Deep and Wide

This instruction book was developed as part of the Mr. Noteman Summer Workshop materials as an optional module.

Free Ukulele e-book

By the way, here is a great beginner uke at a great price!

Sight Singing Exercises

Teaching choir members to read music on sight is one of the most important tasks a music teacher can fulfill. Here are 9 weeks worth of exercises I have developed for use with my choirs.


9 Weeks of Sight Singing Exercises

Name-A-Note Music Playing Card Game

My latest project, music note playing cards, is now available. I call it the Name-A-Note game.

card stack



Name-A-Note is a fun music card game using all the music notes in bass and treble clef.

name-a-note cardAll As card zmr noteman card

The Name-A-Note card game, featuring Mr. Noteman the music note puppet, is a fun educational game for learning the names of music notes on the music staff. This set of cards contains all 52 notes encompassing the range of a standard piano, also including some overlapping notes on ledger lines between the treble and bass clef staff lines. There are a total of 79 cards.

Click on the picture below to read the rules of the game. A listing of all the note cards is also included.

Name-A-Note RulesName-A-Note Game Documentation


Free 2013-2014 Academic Calendar

Every year I make an academic calendar for myself to use in personal planning. If you would find it useful, feel free to download and print a copy for yourself.

Free academic calendar! Download and print now!


2013 to 2014 Calendar 2013-2014 Calendar Cover


Calendar Pages


  1. Download and open the zip file.
  2. Open the Calendar file and print as “Booklet” using Adobe Reader.
  3. Open and print the Calendar Cover file on card stock paper.
  4. Fold all the pages in half and assemble the calendar.
  5. Staple the fold two or three times using a booklet/centerline/saddle stitch stapler (or DIY).
  6. Enjoy!

My New/Old CD

I recorded and mixed a CD a couple of years ago, that I never officially finished. This week, I finished the artwork for it, and I plan on releasing it soon. Here’s a sneak peek at the cover.

this i know case

Songs include:

  1. This I Know
  2. A Crown to Cast at His Feet
  3. His Mercies Are New Every Morning
  4. I Am Not Ashamed
  5. Redeeming Grace
  6. Sweet Beulah Land
  7. Washed in the Blood
  8. This Is My Song
  9. Jesus Paid My Debt
  10. Jesus Took My Place

I also posted an MP3 on my story page describing a bit of who I am, and why I’m passionate about teaching music. Check it out!

Psychology of Music

Here’s an interesting way of presenting the effect that music has on people.

Psychology of Music